Elton Pinto

Sutter Hill Ventures Codepoint Fellow-In-Residence with Observe and Luminary Cloud
Incoming PhD student at the University of Pennsylvania (Fall'24)
CV Resume


I'm interested in tackling problems at the intersection between programming languages and systems.

During my master's, I worked with Daan Leijen on prototyping an implementation of Perceus memory management for OCaml.

During my undergrad I was part of TINKER lab where I was advised by Prof. Thomas Conte and Dr. Jeff Young. While there, I wrote a space-efficient implementation of the quantum verification of matrix products (QVMP) algorithm.


Work Experience

I've interned on the Privacy Language Experience (PLeX) team and the PyTorch Dev Infra team at Meta, and the Innovation Lab at NCR.


  • dependently-typed: Founder and President (August 2021 to May 2023)
  • HexLabs (formerly HackGT):
    • Co-director (November 2020 to November 2021)
    • Horizons event-lead (January 2020 to March 2020)
    • Catalyst mentor (March 2019)
    • Tech team member (December 2018 to November 2021)
  • Teaching assistantship:
    • CS 3210: Design of Operating Systems (Spring 2022 [Head TA], Fall 2021, Spring 2021)
    • CS 2110: Computer Organization and Programming (Fall 2020, Spring 2020)
    • CS 1301: Intro to Computing (Fall 2019)


  • Intro to compilers 03 Sep 2021
    dependently-typed meeting
    slides | video
  • Going Reactless* with Web Components 16 Jul 2020
    NCR Global Hackathon and Unconference 2020