Hi, I'm Elton

I'm an undergrad studying Computer Science at Georgia Tech. My interests include operating systems, compilers, quantum computing, functional programming, and web development.

I enjoy hacking on open source projects, speed cubing, origami, and reading.

I am currently the co-director of HackGT. I'm also a teaching assistant for CS 3210 (Design of Operating Systems).

In the past, I've interned at NCR. I was an event lead for Horizons, an arts + tech hackathon that attracted over 300 hackers who made some really cool projects.

I'll be interning at Facebook this summer.

You can find my projects on github. I sometimes write on my blog.

Recent posts


  • Going Reactless* with Web Components 16 Jul 2020
    📍 NCR Global Hackathon and Unconference 2020
    📈 slides