Hi, I'm Elton

I'm an undergrad studying Computer Science at Georgia Tech. My interests include compilers, programming languages, quantum computing, and operating systems.

I enjoy hacking on open source projects, speed cubing, and reading.


I'm part of the TINKER lab at Georgia Tech. My research revolves around Grover oracle implementations and synthesis. I'm advised by Dr. Thomas Conte and Dr. Jeff Young.


I've interned on the PyTorch Dev Infra team at Facebook and the Innovation Lab at NCR. My resume has more details.


I founded dependently-typed, a programming languages and compilers club at Georgia Tech. I am currently the co-director of Hexlabs (formerly known as HackGT). I was an event lead for Horizons, an arts + tech hackathon that attracted over 300 hackers who made some really artsy projects.

I'm a teaching assistant for CS 3210 (Design of Operating Systems).

You can find my projects on github. I sometimes write on my blog.

Recent posts


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