Hi, I'm Elton

I'm an undergrad studying Computer Science at Georgia Tech. My interests include operating systems, compilers, functional programming, web development, and all things Rust!

I enjoy hacking on open source projects , speed cubing , origami , and reading books .

I am currently the co-director of HackGT. I'm also a teaching assistant for CS 3210 (Design of Operating Systems).

In the past, I've interned at NCR. I was an event lead for Horizons, an arts + tech hackathon that attracted over 300 hackers who made some really cool projects.

You can find my projects on github. Some of my musings can be found on my blog.

Recent posts


  • Going Reactless* with Web Components 16 Jul 2020
    📍 NCR Global Hackathon and Unconference 2020
    📈 slides