Elton Leander Pinto

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Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta, GA August 2018 - May 2022
B.S Computer Science
GPA 4.0
  • Concentrations: Computer Systems and Architecture, Theory
  • Selected Coursework: Data Structures & Algorithms, Advanced Algorithms, Computer Organization, Systems & Networks, Operating Systems, Computer Vision, Applied Combinatorics


Software Engineering Intern, Facebook Menlo Park, CA May 2021 - Aug 2021
Software Engineering Intern, Innovation Lab, NCR Atlanta, GA June 2020 - Aug 2020
  • Developed a subscription recommendation model using backtesting with a standard deviation heuristic
    • Built a React frontend that queries the model, and displays results on an interactive timeline
    • Scored 40% on recommending subscriptions for replenishment using the F1 metric
    • Co-authored a report that makes a business case for the model, and data acquisition needed to improve it
  • Expanded the consumer profile API to manage and isolate profiles across merchants
    • Implemented server routes in Express to create and update consumer profiles using NCR’s CDM API
    • Built a React Native frontend that showcases linking profiles, and making multi-vendor purchases
    • Enhanced the CI pipeline by debugging a GitHub action that lints source files
  • Gave a talk on using Web Components to build reusable UI elements at the NCR Global Unconference
Software Engineering Intern, NCR Atlanta, GA May 2019 - Aug 2019
  • Enhanced the Emerald POS test suite with 7 automated test scripts written in C# using Selenium
  • Reduced the running time of the test suite by 75% by optimizing the existing codebase
  • Worked with a global team to certify the Emerald POS product release for Northgate
  • Installed and configured 3 VMs on servers located in Waterloo to enhance team productivity
Undergraduate Teaching Assistant Georgia Institute of Technology Jan 2019 - Present
  • CS 3210: Design of Operating Systems (Current)
  • CS 2110: Computer Organization and Architecture
  • CS 1301: Intro to Computing
  • PHYS 2211: Intro to Physics


You can find my personal projects on github

Open source contributions
  • nushell: A new kind of shell implemented in Rust
    • Implemented the start command which lets users open files and applications using the system default
    • Added a --save flag to the alias command, allowing users to save aliases to the startup file on the go
  • romejs: An experimental JavaScript toolchain
    • Added a lint that checks for empty and infinite matches in a regex expression
    • Implemented a command that generates shell autocompletion scripts for fish and bash


HackGT Co-director (Current), Software Developer, Horizons event lead Dec 2018 - Present
  • Helped organize HackGT (a 1000+ participant hackathon), BuildGT, and Horizons
  • Mentored Atlanta high school students at Catalyst, a 200+ participant learnathon
  • Lead a team of 20 people to host Horizons, an arts + tech hackathon which attracted over 300 participants
  • Leading a team of 4 people to build a Web Components library as part of the rebranding initiative
  • Selected tech projects:
    • enzo : A tool that automates managing and deploying HackGT’s tech products on GCP. Implemented an execution engine to run configuration yaml files (similar to GitHub Actions). Written in Rust.
    • HackGT 7 puzzle : Designed an admissions puzzle. Implemented a web based clone of Windows 98 through 10, complete with a virtual file system and terminal using Web Components.


  • Languages: Rust, JavaScript, TypeScript, C, Java, Python, Haskell, OCaml, Go, Bash, Elm
  • Technologies: git, vim, React, Node.js, Express, WebSockets, Cloud Computing, Docker, Kubernetes, FP
  • Interests: Compilers, Operating Systems, Web Development, Speed-cubing, Origami